Our mission is to develop, promote knowledge of, and sponsor the music and life’s work of Viktor Kalabis through events such as concerts, lectures, festivals, exhibitions, competitions, master classes and other educational events by the use of such media as radio, television, film, recordings, publications and electronic technology including the internet, and hiring such performing and creative artists, consultants, and administrative staff as might be required to operate and maintain the organization and its goals. The foundation is also dedicated to celebrating the enormous contributions to music by Zuzana Růžičková.

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We promote performances and recordings.

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The Viktor Kalabis and Zuzana Růžičková Foundation works to promote and enhance the recognition and appreciation of the extraordinary legacy of Viktor and Zuzana, as musicians and citizens of the world. They married in 1952 and overcame many obstacles imposed by the communist regime, which governed Czechoslovakia until late 1989. Thereafter, they both played key roles in making Prague what it is today – a leading international center of music.   Viktor, who died in 2006, produced many compositions that are detailed on this website, as are many of his recordings and recent international performances. Zuzana, who died in 2017, is, for example, the only harpsichordist to have recorded the entire J.S. Bach keyboard works.

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